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How to Bet on Esports: Beginners Guide to types of bets

Killing them yields massive buffs which can easily alter the course of the match in one team’s favor. Established, big-brand sportsbooks such as BetWay, Bet365, even William Hill all offer esports betting, and frankly, they do a good job at it. However, there is no hiding the fact that esports betting sites such as GG.Bet, ThunderPick, or Rivalry do a better job at offering esports betting to their users. Fantasy betting is nothing new in the world of sports betting, and it’s also readily available for those who want to bet on esports. Fantasy betting sites were one of the first to recognize the potential of esports gambling, and it didn’t take them long to start offering services for esports bettors.

Countries with different states or regions may have a more complex set of rules. For example, esports betting sites for United States punters are not illegal on a federal level, but the state of Indiana does prohibit it. On top of that, our list features some of the biggest names in the online betting niche. These massive betting platforms are known across both sports and esports spectrums. on front page That is because they are more established, and their esports betting market can be better than on self-proclaimed esports bookies. And just like there are many different esports you can bet on, the esports betting sites also offer many different ways you can place your bets. Of course, there is nothing shameful with sticking with the traditional match winner or moneyline bet.


The odds for Dignitas winning this game is 2.64, if you are to put the winnings into an odds converter, it would tell you Dignitas has a 37.9% chance of winning this game which means the odds are great. provides a simple transfer process and fast transaction speed. For a complete list of supported payment options in your market, please refer to the Moonpay documentation. Our esports odds are always competitive and will stand up to competition in the eSports sector. Additionally, there are several other esports options, each with its own set of professional organizations, events, and community standards.

Skins betting

Warcraft 3 is also available, but FIFA is the only sports-based esport here. Football is loved by billions of people and the number of matches provided by this sport is staggering. Rivalry covers hundreds of leagues and tournaments, so whatever your football betting preferences might be, on our platform you will find all the football odds you are looking for. Wild Rift is the mobile version of League of Legends and over 8 million people around the world play it regularly. Wild Rift betting is one of Rivalry’s specialties, so tournaments like Horizon Cup, Icons Global Championship, and Wild Rift League are thoroughly covered. Whenever there’s Wild Rift action to bet on, scan our site for Wild Rift odds and you’ll find plenty of them.

Other Notable Esports to Bet On

Is one of the few respected sports betting sites that accepts punters from North America. Can be hit and miss with the quality of the markets available, but one to keep in your back pocket if you are from a place with restrictions surrounding online betting. Boasts a decent range of esports markets for USA fans and is Bitcoin-friendly. Has a comprehensive sportsbook and casino section for those who enjoy betting on other sports in addition to competitive gaming.

When we cross-check these findings between all sportsbooks the results are interesting and the table below gives an overview of the games offering the better odds prices industry-wide. covers a fine range of esports games, including FIFA, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, DOTA 2, Valorant, Starcraft 2, and pretty much everything else during popular events and tournaments. Esports betting is completely legal, as long as you’re old enough to bet and live in a country where esports betting is allowed.

Esports Betting Sites With Fastest Payouts

You can also read customer reviews, as these will point you in the direction of the top esports bookmakers that are legit and reputable. Even though esports betting is a fairly young industry, it has developed quite rapidly, largely thanks to sports betting, which has set great guidelines of what it should be. This also explains why there are many different ways to approach betting on esports, yet the three main approaches are betting with real money, skin betting, and fantasy gambling. Just like you need access to a good sports betting site if you want to succeed in betting on sports, you need to register with a good betting site to have an enjoyable experience betting on esports.

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